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The top 5 dirtiest/cleanest areas in Birmingham


When choosing places to move to, seeing litter, graffiti and too much flyposting in the streets of a neighbourhood won’t make you want to live in that particular area.

Recently, and for the first time, council bins bosses have released information about the cleanliness of Birmingham’s 40 wards with the aim of making residents realise about the level of cleanliness in their neighbourhoods.

Nice areas in Birmingham

Acocks Green is an area and ward of south Birmingham, England. It is named after the Acock family who built a large house in the area in 1370. Acocks Green is one of the four wards making up Yardley formal district. Acocks Green first developed north of the current centre at the roundabout where the Warwick Road meets Shirley and Westley Roads.

This area was known Tenchlee or Tenelea, meaning ‘ten clearings’. The settlement that developed here has completely disappeared. Hyron Hall and Broom Hall were moated manor houses located in the area.

The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield is a town and civil parish in Birmingham. The town lies about 7 miles (10 km) northeast of Birmingham City Centre and borders Little Aston, North Warwickshire, Lichfield, Erdington and South Staffordshire. Its 2011 Census population was 95,107 – an increase of 6.7 % since the 2001 Census.

An affluent town ranked as the fourth least deprived area in the country encompassing the Four Oaks Park Estate and bordering the Little Aston private estate where many of the region’s wealthiest residents live.

Stockland Green. It gives its name to a ward which is part of the Erdington formal district, and is located to the south-west of Erdington and north-east of Birmingham City Centre. The ward comprises the areas Gravelly Hill as well as Stockland Green itself.

Points of interest include Witton Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in the Midlands, which can be seen from the M6 motorway. Other areas include the Josiah Mason/Stockland Green complex of schools and colleges and Witton lakes, an area of local beauty.

Moseley is a suburb of south Birmingham, England, 3 miles (4.8 km) south of the city centre. The area is a popular cosmopolitan residential location and leisure destination, with a number of bars and restaurants. The area also has a number of boutiques and other independent retailers.

It is located within the Moseley and Kings Heath Ward of the city, in the constituency of Hall Green.

Kings Heath (historically, and still occasionally King’s Heath) is a suburb of south Birmingham, England, five miles south of the city centre. It is the next suburb south from Moseley on the A435, Alcester road. A number of independent shops have taken advantage of relatively cheaper rents in the side roads off High Street, and recently there has been an influx of boutiques and even the start of an (organic) cafe culture.

In 2008, the businesses agreed to a Business Improvement District, which top-slices a proportion of their local business taxes to go directly into improvements and promotion of the area.

Nice areas in Birmingham

70 places in each 40 wards are inspected and rated once a year about litter, graffiti and flyposting. By publishing these rates, councillors and council staff intend to make plans and take action to deal with grime.

The cleanest places in Birmingham

According to the 2015/16 street cleansing inspection performance data these were the cleanest neighbourhoods in the area of Birmingham:

  • Acocks Green: this neighbourhood met all its targets and got good ratings in litter and graffiti. Our estate agents in Acocks Green are certain that these figures will help homeowners in this area sell their homes for a better price.
  • Sutton Coldfield: all wards in Sutton Coldfield obtained a good rating, with the exception of Sutton Four Oaks, which doesn’t meet the target in flyposting.
  • Stockland Green: this ward had great ratings in every section.
  • Moseley: Mosely and Kings Heath are part of the same ward and have been traditionally recognised as really nice areas to live. They get the best rating in graffiti.
  • Kings Heath

The dirtiest places in Birmingham

None of the following areas met their targets in litter, flyposting and graffiti:

  • Handsworth Wood
  • Lozells & East Handsworth
  • Bordesley Green
  • Sparkbrook
  • Tyburn

Lozells & East Handsworth have the worst rating in litter. Ladywood, which isn’t in this list because it has good ratings in litter and graffiti got, however, the worst rating in flyposting. Finally, Sparkbrook is the one with the worst result in graffiti.

All these areas really need to improve in terms of cleanliness and the publication of this data is a first step to improve them. Cleaner streets tend to be a top priority for citizens and it is also a responsibility for everyone.

In addition, a more civic attitude contributes to save money. Birmingham City Council spent £1.5 million in just two years on cleaning up fly-tipped rubbish.

Council leader John Clancy is determined to monitor the figures to improve the results. In order to do this, the Council will look to ensure bins are emptied regularly and that companies manage well their waste. It will also set up litter patrols.

NOTE: There is no data about Bartley Green, Harborne, Nechells, Soho, South Yardley and Weoley because they are scheduled to be inspected before the end of the 2015/16 financial year. For more information, check the full list.

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The top 5 dirtiest/cleanest areas in Birmingham
By David Price