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Birmingham Property Valuation

Get an instant free property valuation in Birmingham and find out how much your house is worth today using our simple calculator. In the property selling process, knowing the current value of your house helps you in negotiating the final price. The major part of Birmingham’s homeowners already knows their home’s value, after all, who could know better?

With Brexit and the market changes over time, the value of your house could change and it is a good idea to make some market research. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, the web is a goldmine to find everything you want about price trends in your area.

Our property valuation service is a fast way to get a free estimate value of your house, flat, or any type of property and an informed and objective estimation of the worth of your property in the current local property market. If you’re thinking of moving home or letting a property, conducting a property valuation is an essential step in the process.

Love Your Postcode™ are able to offer a variety of property valuations and surveys in Birmingham to meet your needs.

Are you looking to sell your house or see whether your property has risen in value since you bought it? We have the answers you need for FREE. Book a house valuation: complete the form below to discover your home’s worth.

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Surveys & Home Valuations

If you are thinking of selling or letting and would like our experts to visit your property for a free marketing appraisal, or if you just want some general advice, then please call us or fill in the form on this page. Our local valuation team provides valuation services and advice regarding properties to a wide range of clients. We are able to offer a variety of property valuations and surveys to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

What you want to know about property valuations

What is a property valuation?

A property valuation is an inspection carried out to help determine the current market value of a property and it is usually undertaken by an estate agent or an independent valuer.

How much does an agent home valuation cost?

Nothing, it’s FREE of charge.

How your property will be valued?

The estate agent will visit your home and use their local market knowledge to provide you with an estimated value. Knowing your property’s value allows you to evaluate what you can afford, determine whether a listing is priced appropriately, and decide how to price your own house.

How online property valuations work?

Online valuations are based on online data, from sold house prices in your area to local current market trends, property size, location, and other data. That’s why estate agents ask for your address, the number of bedrooms, etc.

What should I do after the property valuation it’s done?

If you’re thinking of selling, Love Your Postcode™ can help you. With us, you’re guaranteed a trusted partner that know property prices in your area better than anyone and employs an experienced staff that anticipates your every need.

What types of properties do you valuate?

We provide valuations for all types of properties: houses, flats, commercials, probate.

How is calculating the market or rental value of a property?

There are five main methods used when conducting a property evaluation: the comparison, profits, residual, contractors and that of the investment. A property valuer can use one or more of these methods when calculating the market or rental value of a property.

Birmingham Property Valuation
By David Price