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Top Indian Restaurants in Birmingham

Indian Restaurants in Birmingham

Indian cuisine been a part of Brummie life for so many years. Little by little he also made his way through the conversations: everyone has heard of the “tandoori chicken”, even though they may never have tasted it. As in every European city, Birmingham is home to some wonderful Indian restaurants.

The list of the best Indian Restaurants in Birmingham, UK:

  1. Jilabi Indian Restaurant
  2. 1580 Contemporary Indian Dining
  3. Lasan Restaurant
  4. Asha’s
  5. Viceroy Tandoori
  6. Himalaya Restaurant
  7. Opheem

Note* this top about the best Indian Restaurants in Birmingham is only our opinion.

Many years ago, people might have asked where to eat Indian in Birmingham?, today they’re asking who makes the best curry lamb, the tastiest warm naan baked in a tandoor, before being seasoned with garlic butter or where to taste the best crisp vegetable samosas stuffed with potatoes. Here are the best Indian restaurants in Birmingham. If you don’t eat at each of these restaurants, your taste buds will never forgive you.

Once you’ve discovered the aromas, colours and flavours of Indian dishes, it is difficult not to be passionate about such an intense and varied cuisine. From the City Centre to Aston or Bearwood, the best Indian restaurants in Birmingham are here for you when you’re craving curry. They are scattered across this city too, from the far reaches of suburbia to the glamorous Jewellery Quarter.

? Jilabi Indian Restaurant

From the moment you enter this Indian restaurant, you are presented with excellent customer service. It’s a place where people dine, relax, laugh, chat, celebrate and entertain in contemporary surroundings.

Prepared and cooked by award-winning chefs –Jilabi’s delicious menu is famous for offering a unique taste of real Indian cuisine; only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are used to create authentic Indian food based on classic formulas with a modern and imaginative approach.

  • Address: 2065 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B26 3DY
  • Phone: 0121 722 3205
  • Web: jilabi.co.uk

? 1580 Contemporary Indian Dining

Located on the Chester Road in Erdington, this restaurant is a contemporary interpretation of classic Indian cooking. 1580 is an experience from which people will take back natural flavours dating back centuries from India and taste the glorious food of the vastly diverse, richly-blessed Indian Subcontinent.

  • Address: 710 Chester Rd, Birmingham B23 5TE
  • Phone: 0121 439 4243
  • Web: 1580.co.uk

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? Lasan Restaurant

Lasan has a vibe that’s difficult to resist, the atmosphere pulsates with laughter and fun. Over the years Lasan has witnessed milestone celebrations and some truly beautiful love stories. Located in St Paul’s Square, this Indian restaurant will impress even the most discerning tastes. The menu is refined and tasty, from Nav Ratan Lamb to Mysori Khatta Jhinga you can try almost anything.

  • Address: 3 – 4 Dakota Buildings, James Street, St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1SD
  • Phone: 0121 212 3664
  • Web: lasan.co.uk

? Asha’s

From soulful street food to the menus of Maharajas, this restaurant will transport you across the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent. Sample the diverse culinary traditions, the distinctive regional flavors and the fabulous local colours of India’s proud culinary heritage, right here in Birmingham.

? Viceroy Tandoori

Here you can experience everything from delicious Nazakat to spicy Onion Bhaji. The onion bhaji was probably my first introduction to the joys of Indian food back in the late 90s. They’re great as a starter for an Indian feast.

? Himalaya Restaurant

The Himalaya Restaurant is a family run business offering a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, which complements their high quality of service and delicious meals excellently. Here you will find special traditional flavours and you will have the chance to taste the most traditional menus in Birmingham.

  • Address: 1716 Bristol Rd S, Rednal, Birmingham B45 9QD
  • Phone: 0121 453 4336
  • Web: himalayarest.co.uk

? Opheem

  • Address: 65 Summer Row, Birmingham B3 1JJ
  • Phone: 0121 201 3377
  • Web: opheem.com

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Top Indian Restaurants in Birmingham
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