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Semi-detached house, an ideal first home

semi-detached house

A semi-detached home is a single property which is separated into two homes by a wall. Semi-detached houses are hugely popular with home buyers and renters across the UK.

In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this type of housing, so that you can work out if a semi-detached home would be the perfect home for you.

Why choose a semi-detached house?

If you live in a semi-detached home, you can have all the advantages of living in a prime location, without having to maintain a large property. The ability to spend their hard-earned income on holidays instead of the large utility bills that come with expansive detached properties is attractive to many buyers.

Yet any assumption that a semi-detached home is small is an enormous misconception. Once you own a semi-detached home, you are free to add value to your home by adding extensions to any part of it. Perhaps you would like to add a third floor, complete with an extra lounge? An additional bedroom might be perfect for you, giving your family the space it needs to grow. If you enjoy reading, then a conservatory would allow you to immerse yourself in a good book while taking in the sunshine in style.

The advantage of semi-detached homes is that they are often newer builds than larger detached properties, making it easier to obtain planning permission, if this would be required for an extension you might choose to add to your home.

That being said, a number of homeowners choose not to extend their semi-detached homes. A skilled estate agent can find you a spacious, exquisitely-furnished semi-detached home which suits both your budget and the size of your family, without making any implication that it would be advisable to extend your property at a later date.

The key is to consult a local property expert who understands the market in your area so well, that they can find a home that would be perfect for you as soon as they have been made aware of your requirements.

An ideal first home

Buying a semi-detached house as your first home can be an excellent investment. Sometimes an apartment is too small and purchasing a detached home would exceed your budget. Buyers who find themselves in this situation find that a semi-detached home is an ideal property for them, as it provides all of the space that they need without obliging them to finance extremely high mortgage repayments. Semi-detached homes can be fantastic confidence boosters for younger homeowners.

As they are starting to thrive in their careers and find their feet in the world, buying a semi-detached home allows them to celebrate their success without having to worry about their financial futures. If semi-detached homes are purchased in the right areas, then they will increase in value, allowing younger buyers to build up a nest egg which they can cash in on, should they choose to sell their home and move to a larger one later in life.

A fantastic location

Unlike the high-rise flats which are in many inner-city areas, semi-detached homes are very often located in suburban areas. These areas have many advantages for homeowners. They are close enough to city centres to provide easy, quick and convenient commutes into work. On the other hand, they are far enough away from the hustle and bustle of main cities to give residents a tranquil and relaxing place to live and raise their families.

Many semi-detached homes either come with a garage or a large drive allowing for ample parking. This space makes travel to or from your home, and the reception of guests so much easier. Whether you regularly use your nearest city centre’s facilities for work or leisure; or prefer to stay out of these busy areas, a semi-detached home gives you a perfect location to live your dream life.

How did semi-detached houses become so popular?

In between the World Wars, three million of these homes were constructed. They represented success in the buyer’s career. Many industrial workers lived in smaller, terraced housing when they first started working at a factory. On promotion to junior and then more senior managerial positions, they were given the opportunity to move into considerably more spacious, semi-detached homes.

These homes very often had front and back gardens, so that residents had sufficient space to relax outside in privacy to the rear of their property, and were able to add style, colour and wonderful fragrances to the front of their property by planting a vivacious array of plants in their front gardens. The popularity of semi-detached houses has only increased over the decades. In 2016, 84% of Britons called one home.

How to find the perfect semi-detached home for you

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Semi-detached house, an ideal first home
By David Price