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What’s a maisonette house?

What does maisonette house mean

Everyone knows what an apartment or flat is, but you know what does a maisonette house mean? Love Your Postcode’s property specialists will answer this question in the next few lines.

The name maisonette originates from the French word “maison” (pronounced may-zon), which means “house” in English. A “maisonette” would be the diminutive, a small house or maisonette.

Alternatively, a maisonette can be considered as a house on stilts, above an office, a store or even above another maisonette. In this case, your maisonette would be 2-floor maisonette.

What does maisonette house mean?

Usually, a maisonette stretches over at least two floors in a building with an internal staircase and it is often located on the top floor and in the loft area. Most maisonette apartments “only” have two floors – duplex apartments are therefore also often talked about in this context. A Maisonette might also meet the definition of condo, townhouse or duplex.

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Etymology: from French “maisonnette”, the diminutive of “maison house”, from Latin mansion, “mansio” dwelling place.

Examples of maisonette ads on the web “… are delighted to present this generous sized, 2-floor, 2-bedroom maisonette, located few streets away from …”


What is the difference between a maisonette and a house

As we said earlier, a house may be on the ground, can have different shapes and sizes, is independent, while a maisonette is usually on the top floor of a building and is much smaller. Many houses have several large rooms and several very small rooms for other various reasons. These may include a living area, a sleeping area, a bathroom, etc.

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What’s a maisonette house?
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