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Sold STC meaning in the property market

What does SSTC mean

You may have often heard about “Sold STC” or “SSTC” in the property world and wondered what it means. Sold ‘Subject to Contract’ (STC) means that the owner has accepted an offer from a buyer but the paperwork is not yet complete.

What does SSTC mean in the property market

SSTC meaning in property selling

Sold STC” or “SSTC“, means “Sold Subject to Contract” in the property world. This expression is used by estate agents when an offer has been accepted on a property for sale and a price has been agreed between the buyer and the property vendor but the selling contract has not been signed yet so no money has been exchanged.

In other words, the agreement between the seller and buyer is not legally binding. So if you have been looking for a property for sale in Birmingham or across the UK and you see ‘Sold STC’, it may not mean that you have entirely lost your opportunity to buy the property yourself.

According to property portal Rightmove, on average about 15% of Sold STC or UO properties come back on the market as the sale has failed to proceed.

What is the difference between Under Offer (UO) and SSTC?

What is the difference between under offer (UO) and SSTC

A house becomes “under offer” when a buyer has made a formal offer to buy the property, but the home-owner is yet to confirm whether they will accept it or not. If the offer is refused then the house remains on the market until to the next formal offer is made. Ifthe offer is accepted, then the property then becomes “Sold STC“.

When the contract is signed and the money transferred, the contract is considered legal.

What does SSTC mean for a property buyer?

What does SSTC mean for a property buyer

Once the property is “Sold Subject to Contract”, solicitors can begin the necessary and legal procedures for the transfer of the property title. At this stage, the parties will negotiate the contract and finalise all the details of the sale before it’s become official. So technically the property is still available for sale at that point.

If you’re looking around at properties for sale and find your dream home is ‘Sold STC’, why not pick up the phone and speak with your local property expert.

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Sold STC meaning in the property market
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