How long does it take to sell a house? Explained by Love Your Postcode™
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How Long Does It Take to Sell a House

You don’t know how to quickly find a willing buyer to move into your old home and ask yourself this question: what is the average time to sell a house? This article will help you find the answer to this question. Read on.

The decision to sell a house is one of those crucial financial decisions. For many of us, a property is the most valuable possession. But, what is the average time to sell your house?

What is the average time to sell a house?

Whether you need to relocate because of the job, if you want to move into a more chic neighborhood, if you need more space for your family, you have to follow a few steps to make sure your home is ready for sale. The season in which most houses are bought is spring, but that means that the market is also filled with offers.

Love Your Postcode’s aim is to achieve the highest selling price within 21 days, leaving home sellers with more. The results speak for themselves with a 99% selling price average since 2014. We are a modern estate agent offering all the services a traditional estate agent does, but better. Our aim is to leave you with more of the sale, saving you a huge amount of money in the process and achieving a higher selling price.

How to find out the average sale time of a house?

If you’ve lived in your current home for at least a few years, you surely know what the prices are in that neighborhood, but it’s still a good idea to ask for a valuation or consulting the online portals to see the prices. This study of the property market helps you find out how many homes are for sale and how long ago the ads were published. You will have a general idea of the average selling time of a similar house.

Contacting an estate agency

Maybe you’re tempted to say you’re doing it yourself, and selling a home is not a very complicated process to need help. But consider the fact that for you is the first time you go through this process, while for an estate agent it is a habit, so it can help you with price setting, knows how potential customers, know how to promote your house and how to sell it faster. Apply with confidence to Love Your Postcode anytime you want to sell a house fast! We aim to achieve the highest selling price within 21 days.

How long does it take to sell a home and what is the best period

The sale or purchase of a home depends on the type of property and the period of the year. It is known that it is much faster to sell an apartment than a home. It also greatly depends on where the home is located, the size and the price required. Selling a property is not as simple as applying an ad and waiting for offers to run. A buyer, before deciding and buying, visits several properties.

One of the first questions a marketer puts when he wants to sell something is: “Who is my target client?”. You should also start here if you think about selling a house as quickly as possible – and at a good price!

The best month to sell depends on the market in which you’re selling your property.

Which factors impact the average time to sell a property

Location – One of the most important factors that affect property selling time;

Proximity to local transport – Another important factor that affects the average selling time would be it’s access to public transport. Properties near bus and train stations, as well as those near supermarkets, parks and hospitals, are preferred by more buyers.

Age of the property – How long the structure has been in existence is also a deciding factor on selling period.

Supply and demand – the number of homes for sale versus the number of buyers.

Property internal characteristics – Size and number of rooms, construction quality, appliance condition, heating type, energy efficiency, etc.

How fast do you want to sell your house?

Love Your Postcode™ has become one of the top estate & lettings agents because of how our group pays attention to each client. With us, you’re guaranteed a trusted partner that know property prices in your area better than anyone and employs an experienced staff that anticipates your every need.

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How Long Does It Take to Sell a House
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