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Inside Scoop: tips for Birmingham home sellers

Inside Scoop: tips for Birmingham home sellers

If you’re looking for some good advice when selling your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Love Your Postcode agents from across the network offer their guidance on what to consider when it comes to selling your home.

Lauren Sibley – City Centre Office

Exclusive access to the property on completion is a good way of boosting appeal to a potential buyer. In 2019, I saw more properties sold chain-free than ever before. Buyers enjoy the ability to move into the property immediately upon completion, as well as a quicker conveyancing time.

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Jorja Jeavons – South Birmingham

Don’t choose an agent purely on who gives you the highest price. Once you have a market appraisal, call your agent to discuss both this and their services. You need an agent that will work hard to get as many viewings as possible and follow up not only with applicants, but also with you.

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Ranj Ferlance – Head Of Lettings

Instruct your solicitor at the same time as you are starting to market your property. Many delays can be avoided, particularly on the sale of leasehold properties, if the solicitor has contacted the managing agents and is already in possession of the relevant information.

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Aubyn Barclay – Exclusive Homes

I make sure I really know the property I am selling and ask the vendors for half a dozen things that they love about the house that I mention whenever I talk about the property to potential buyers. Oh, and forget baking and coffee, a few well-placed White Company candles always help!

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Bella Galloway – Sandwell

It’s worth spending some money on getting your home close to perfect before listing. I find that a small investment can result in our clients achieving thousands of pounds more at the offer stage. You don’t want to give anyone a reason to negotiate the price lower. We have a near 100% success rate on the full required price for our clients.

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Inside Scoop: tips for Birmingham home sellers
By William Taylor