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Importance of estate agency in the modern world

Estate agency is a fast moving industry that has evolved over the years and will continue to do so. It is drastically different now than twenty years ago, and with the current climate and ongoing uncertainty in the world, never has an estate agent been more important when selling or buying a property.

Here we speak with two agents from across our network, Guy Vaughan of Birmingham, and Sukhi Chall of Sandwell, for their view on the importance of estate agency in the modern world.

Guy Vaughan, Head of Sales – Birmingham

Never has an estate agent been more important. The value of an agent is not the albeit important aspect of marketing and viewings, it is in two vital areas. Firstly, it’s all about the knowledge. If you are about to spend a vast amount of money on a pile of bricks, you need someone who knows all about the bricks and where they are sitting. There are so many holes that you can fall into as a purchaser, but a great agent can guide you, way before you start incurring the costs of a solicitor.

Secondly, there is a serious value in managing the sale. The jobs of conveyancing, valuing, surveying and local searches have to be constantly chased. Further inspections and getting the management pack need to be coordinated. This takes a huge amount of work and a delay with any of these essential processes can pull a handbrake on the process. A layman would find it hard to not only find the time, but also know what questions to ask.

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Sukhi Chall, Manager – Sandwell

Estate agency is a fast moving industry that is drastically different now than twenty years ago and will continue to evolve as it enters the new decade. Combining the past with the future is the key to moving forward. Our continuing success is due to our local expertise and extensive experience. Knowledge is key, and of vital importance is how we take the customer on their journey from start to finish, negotiating on their behalf and being a ‘one-stop shop’, where they can still visit our high street office.

Our reputation is invaluable, highlighted by us celebrating our 11th year of trading. We continue to offer great customer service and put the requirements of our clients at the forefront of our business.

We have embraced technology, keeping up with the latest digital marketing advances, accepting it as a valuable asset and the everyday part of our business. As long as we evolve, we will keep on thriving and offering what our customers need.

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As we continue to face these uncertain times, it is now more important than ever to instruct a proactive estate agent who can offer realistic advice based on years of experience. Having traded for almost 11 years, we have seen this market through many of its peaks and troughs and, as always, we remain confident in the market in which our business first back in 2009.

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Importance of estate agency in the modern world
By Asif Kola