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    Droitwich Spa Area Guide


    Droitwich Spa is a town in northern Worcestershire, located approximately 22 miles south of Birmingham and 12 miles west of Redditch. Whether you own a car and need easy access to surrounding road and motorway networks, or prefer trains or buses that goes around the area, you always have the opportunity to get to your desired location with almost any means of transport.


    The Droitwich Spa pyramid of schools works on a three-tier system, with one high school, two middle schools and nine first schools. Droitwich children are also educated at schools outside the town including Worcester’s Royal Grammar School and the King’s School, Hawford Lodge, the Grange, Bromsgrove School with others typically travelling to Birmingham, Kidderminster, Hagley and Stourbridge by rail.


    This town has many places of interest with ample and convenient parking, and its attractions have popular appeal. This friendly town offers plenty to see and do in order to keep the whole family entertained. With a rich and diverse history, with the towns ‘Salt Museum’, ‘Droitwich Calling’ radio exhibit and historical guided town walks, there is plenty to keep history enthusiasts engaged.

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    Droitwich Spa Area Guide
    By David Price