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Video Call Property Valuation

Introducing home valuations which start with a video call – another Performance&™ led approach by a forward-thinking property group.Get a same call more accurate valuation within minutes from Love Your Postcode™ because we know your time is precious.

Our group launched a video call valuation service to connect new and existing customers to our property valuers from the comfort of their own homes, using a video call.

The video valuation link service can be accessed on a laptop, desktop, or tablet computer once the client has booked an appointment through the contact form on this page.

Video Call Property Valuation

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You may prefer to talk to us on freephone 0800 862 0870 or 0333 344 7772.


How Video Valuation Works

How Video Call Property Valuation works

  1. Complete our simple form.
  2. You don’t need to enter your full address, simply enter your postcode and select your address from the options. Select what type of valuation you would like (Sales, rentals or both), and how many bedrooms your property has.
  3. Answer a few short questions about yourself like name, phone, email – you will receive in the mail the confirmation of the evaluation and the link.

To give yourself a clearer image of the true value of your property, we highly recommend that you book a full market appraisal with one of our expert team.

Video Call Property Valuation
By David Price