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Property management in Birmingham

Property management in Birmingham

If you love your profit margins as much as you love your postcode, then our property management service in Birmingham is perfect for your portfolio. Speak to one of our experts today. Let’s move forward together.

Birmingham is home to some of the UK’s best universities and is a hub for younger people. 40% of this city’s population are yet to celebrate their 26th birthday. This statistic breaks down into hundreds of thousands of young people studying, working and looking for affordable housing in Birmingham. This huge demand for rented properties presents a series of wonderful opportunities for landlords across the city. Investment is flooding into Birmingham’s property market as the sheer size of the returns available becomes apparent.

Birmingham City Council has responded to this demand by giving landlords access to a number of funding programmes so that they can invest even more in the city. Convenient, value-adding property management services are just what your investment portfolio needs.

Nevertheless, some investors are put-off from student property, because of concerns that issues with tenants will take up vast amounts of their time. This is where we make landlords’ lives easier. Many estate agents assure landlords that all rent will be collected on time and that any maintenance issues that should arise will be speedily resolved. However, they can’t guarantee their promises.

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We can. As part of our #GuaranteedRent scheme, we pay rent to landlords, as if we were their tenants. LoveYourPostcode® will pay you every, single month without fail so that you never have to worry about one of your tenants defaulting on a rent payment again. This gives investors full confidence that they will always see the returns they expect from Birmingham’s most popular properties.

Any maintenance issues within the property are dealt with in a supremely convenient and time-effective manner. Much is made in assorted marketing collateral of business opportunities being cost-effective. However, as you know, time is money. Issues consuming hours of your time can be just as expensive as property prices after a severe and unwelcome bout of inflation.

Our expert estate agents are always at the end of the phone to help tenants manage maintenance issues as efficiently as possible. We have an enormous network of tradespeople who offer a range of efficient, professional and effective property maintenance service, should their expertise be required.

Very often, issues can be quickly resolved without needing to carry out any maintenance on the property, as our Birmingham-based team has a wealth of property management experience between them and can easily resolve issues with their specialist advice.

  • We pay rent to landlords as if we were their tenants
  • You never have to worry about your tenants payment again
  • Any maintenance issues within the property will be fixed fast
  • Our expert estate agents are always at the end of the phone

Your residential property specialists

Every member of our team knows the Birmingham property market like the back of their hand. They are happy to manage all of the paperwork for you so that your valued investment into this great city can be made an easily as possible.

Since 2015, property values across Birmingham have grown by 5-10%. House prices in Birmingham are, on average, growing at a larger rate than prices in Bristol, which is one of the most expensive parts of the UK to live in. Those increases represent bigger annual growth than 31 of London’s 33 boroughs. There’s never been a better time to invest in Birmingham.

Student properties are not the only lucrative investments in this market that the Second City has to offer. Some of the most luxurious apartments in Europe are being developed right here in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre. These apartments will come complete with private cinemas, gyms, swimming pools and the kind of concierge services that you would usually find in five-star hotels.

That means one thing for investors: potentially enormous returns. Leading property developer SevenCapital predicts that some of these apartments could net up to 20% capital growth in the short-term.

Our hassle-free property management service is designed to capitalise on this capital growth to the fullest, by expanding your portfolio across the city and building your own brand in Birmingham. The creation of your brand forms a crucial and fundamental part of our home marketing techniques.

We go where other estate agents never thought to go to market your home to as many members of your targeted demographics as possible. Many properties are advertised across Birmingham. Far fewer have their own digital campaigns running consistently on screens throughout the NEC. Almost all of Birmingham’s newspapers have property sections, where you’ll find various images of homes that are on the market.

Almost none of these homes have their own billboards standing tall at some of the most popular locations in Brum. Property management is often restricted to the columns somewhere near the back of your favourite broadsheets’ business sections. We splash the properties we manage across spreads in some of the UK’s most influential luxury magazines. Nothing makes your home look better than glossy, high-resolution images printed on paper of the finest quality.

The publicity we’ll give the properties in your portfolio is not limited to outdoor, print and online advertising. We also have a growing presence on the UK’s airwaves and television sets. Imagine a short documentary on your home. Then watch us make it. Our property management service doesn’t just guarantee you constant, relentless rental income but also provides you with a series of unique opportunities to create home marketing history.

Our Estate Agents give your home maximum exposure online & offline, getting it more views from potential applicants, therefore more offers, and ultimately the highest possible finishing value. This means you end up with more money in your pocket and you enjoy a higher quality service. Call us on 0800 862 0870, download our property app or book a free property valuation today.

Property management in Birmingham
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