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How to sell your home quickly

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Here at Love You’re Postcode, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of any property with a B postcode. We have broken down the selling experience in Birmingham into 11 easy steps; ensuring you the best local advice you will find on the internet. With property advice from our own founder, Bobby Singh, you can not go far wrong with this article.

Have a think.

Do your best to get an idea of how much your house is worth.

“The property market in Birmingham is booming at the moment, with prices on the rise as Londoner flee the capital” advises our founder Bobby Singh.

This means that your property is likely to be worth something. But if you are not sure if you want to sell, then it would be a shame to get through the processes of selling your house for you to change your mind.

Bear your decorating skills in mind

If we’re honest, we all think that our taste is sublime but sometimes this just isn’t the case. We’re sure that your taste in décor is fantastic, however, this is all down to personal opinion. So bright paint and busy wallpaper may put off potential buyers. Keep this in mind and if you happen to do a bit of touching up before you sell, you should keep things neutral so that the buyer can see what they can bring to the property.

Instruct an agent.

It’s always best to shop around. Get home valuations from many different estate agents to ascertain an accurate idea of the true value of your home. Here at Love Your Postcode, we are well known for our accurate valuation both over the phone and in person. We also work hard for every sale, and will take care of you every step of the way. After all of this, what you sell your house at is completely up to you. However, if you sell it at a price that is either too high or too low, then you risk either not selling your house or not losing money.

Staging your home.

This is a very important aspect. To take pictures that will sell your home on spot, you must stage your home. That means cleaning, tidying and decluttering. Turning all the lights on in your house does make it appear warm and inviting. Some estate agents have been known to encourage touches like bouquets of flowers in order to take “Lifestyle Shots” but unless specified by your agent, this is not necessary. The power is completely in your hands. Go ahead, be imaginative as long as you’re house is presentable.

“The lifestyle and the work life balance here in Birmingham is what everyone is looking for. We do our best to capture this in every picture we take of your property. Be sure to help us advertise the very best of your home” says Bobby Singh.

Furthermore, “Kurb appeal” is a big deal. So don’t neglect the front of your home. Most people do a drive by before they even arrive at the viewing and you want to present the best possible side of your home at all times.


When potential buyers come to view your property, it is important to let them wander around the house with the agent. You want them to be able to converse and discuss freely. You also want your estate agents to do their job, after all they are professionals. You should also be ready to answer any questions after the viewing.

Choose a solicitor.

When you wish to legally transfer the ownership of the property, this has to be done by a solicitor. You don’t actually employ them until you have accepted an offer on your property. But you should probably already know who you wish to instruct so that when you do it’s good to go.

Accept an offer.

Congratulations! You’ve received an offer that you’re happy with. Most of the work has already been done. Over to your solicitors.

“Love Your Postcode manages to sell 80% of all of their properties at the asking price or above. This is astounding and it is the main reason why we are the go-to estate agents in Birmingham” says our founder, Mr Singh.

Negotiate the draft contract.

You and the buyer of your house can now decide how long you will wait between exchange and completion, whether any fixtures and fittings will be included in the sale, what they are and at what price. However, you may have to reassess your price on the back of the survey that has been conducted. If there is anything wrong you may have to reduce the price.

Fill out the relevant forms.

As the contracts are now being drawn up, you will have to fill out a few forms. The forms will revolve around things like the boundaries of the property, what fixtures and fittings are included in the sale, and whether you’ve had any disputes with the neighbours. The council will focus on proposed developments, building works, utilities, sewerage, and council tax.

Exchange contracts.

Now that all of the contracts have been agreed upon by both you and the buyer and you have “exchanged” you are both legally bound to the sale. If you pull out without a good reason, you could potentially be sued and the buyer gets their deposit back. And in the same way, if the buyer pulls out, you will get your deposit.


The day has come! Your property will officially change hands. You will accept payment and hand over the keys and the bulk of the money will be transferred with the deed. Now that you have completed, your solicitor will send you an invoice for all of their costs, the sale price and redemption of the mortgage.

Join us in Part 2 to see the rest of Bobby Singh’s advice on selling your home in Birmingham.

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How to sell your home quickly
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