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Prepare your home for a quicker sale this winter

Prepare your home for a quick sale this winter

The days are now shorter, the nights are longer and it’s finally getting colder, so it is definitely time to prepare your home for winter, especially if you are planning to sell. The last thing you want is prospective buyers walking into a cold and damp home with leaking taps.

With years of experience, Love Your Postcode has prepared a step by step guide on how to prepare your home for sale during the winter months.

To start, look around your property and make a note of all the issues internally and externally. In the winter problems are likely to be more obvious and prospective buyers are less likely to buy a property if there are major issues.


First step; get your boiler serviced and check your hot water and heating. A faulty or broken boiler is definitely going to deter prospective purchasers. Imagine buyers walking into a freezing cold house and having no hot water. Figures show that boilers cost more to run if they are not serviced.


Insulation is key to a warm home. If heating is lost, this will increase the cost of running a property. If you insulate the roof and cavity walls, this will keep the house warmer and use less energy, costing you less and being more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Potential buyers love walking into a warm and cosy house. So, look for nooks and crannies for draughts, if you find any, purchase some sealant lining that will prevent the cold wind coming through the windows and doors. These can be bought from any local DIY store and are easy to use. Also, remember to fix any leaky taps and bleed your radiators.


You might get odd looks from your neighbours, but find some binoculars and check your roof for loose, missing, or cracked tiles. If you see any, replace them, as the worst thing that could happen is water gets through to the loft which creates damp and potentially rot. It shouldn’t be a great expense and will save time and money in the long run.

Whilst you are outside, remove any weeds, clear out your guttering and drains of leaves and excess debris, and double check that your outside lights work. With the darker nights, there is a good possibility that any prospective buyers will be viewing your property in the dark. Make it easier for buyers to find your property as the days shorten with a Love Your Postcode ‘For Sale’ board, after all trying to find a house number or name is never easy in the dark.

Invest in the right insurance

It is a good time to check that your home insurance covers your home sufficiently, especially in a winter environment. A freak storm could easily damage your property, but can be insured against. Better to check now and be safe in the knowledge that you are completely covered. And it’s definitely worth checking that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are both working.

Emergency contacts

Put together an up to date list of useful numbers which includes your plumber, electrician, and gas installer, so should you have any problems, you will be prepared all year round.

Thinking about selling or letting your property this winter? Request an accurate property valuation or rental valuation from our team of local experts.

Prepare your home for a quicker sale this winter
By David Price