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Our estate agents advise on why winter is great for sellers


‘We sold in two days last January’: Don’t believe the myth, winter can be a good time to sell your home. It’s that time of the year and the choice to wait makes more sense, or does it? Whilst spring and summer are the busiest times to market your home, it’s not always the best time to sell.

Common wisdom suggests that selling in spring or summer makes more sense but our estate agents would argue otherwise. With fewer properties to contend with, the serious home buyers are looking for great deals right now. So it is a great time to market your home and beating the stiff completion that is expected within the next three months.

If you’re thinking of moving home or letting a property, conducting a free property valuation is an essential step in the process. Look at what’s sold recently and you too can estimate your home value.

Catalina Lopez, co-founder of the modern estate agency estate agents, says: ‘For house sellers thinking of moving in the New Year, November and December are great months to sell. I’ve always sold properties all year round but noticed that people make decisions based on feelings at this time of year. There are still plenty of buyers out there – Rightmove had a record amount of traffic last Christmas Day, so the savvy seller will benefit from this.’

Don’t be too hasty in taking down the ‘For Sale’ sign.

Top tips to sell your house by spring

  • Keep your house price competitive: It is not a good move to hyper inflate the price. Knowledgeable buyers know exactly what they are prepared to pay and have most likely done their homework online.
  • Update photos: If there is one pet hate of mine, it is seeing out-of-season photos. So please don’t allow estate agents to take photos of your home in the snow. Unless, of course, they are prepared to come back out when it is gone.
  • Be flexible with viewings: Daytime viewings are always the best in the winter months.
  • Make it lovely and cosy with a warm feel: It sounds obvious but light the fire or turn up the central heating and always offer a warm drink to potential buyers.
  • Save your carpets: At we provide all vendors with a few pairs of shoe socks.
  • Let in the light: Open curtains and clean windows to make rooms as light and airy as possible.
  • Don’t forget the exterior: Make sure gutters and window frames are well maintained and clean. ‘Any exterior paintwork maintenance, with a small investment now, can make a real difference to your home’s selling potential,’ advises Asif Kola of Love Your Postcode’s Birmingham City Centre branch.
  • The garden is just as important in winter: Lawns should be cut and free of leaves. John Chohan adds: ‘While children’s play areas may signal an attractive family home in summer, an expanse of dead grass under the trampoline can spoil the effect.’

Finally, do not be afraid to ditch your online estate agents in Birmingham. If they couldn’t get you sold before winter, it is highly unlikely they can do any better in the current season of making applicants come out of the cold and in to view your home. A fresh pair of eyes might spot something new that attracts the right buyer.

At Love Your Postcode Estate Agents we are happy to discuss your requirements and understand your time constraints. Call our team, on freephone 0800 862 0870, today for a free consultation.

Our estate agents advise on why winter is great for sellers
By David Price