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Meet the team that will get your asking price within 21 days

Even with the best will in the world, people leave companies, go on holiday or fall sick. While none of us can foresee the future, it’s something we prepare and plan for very carefully at

We’ve structured our team so it’s led by a Director, Bobby Singh – which means first and foremost, your account won’t just be delegated and left – a Director will be overseeing everything and will overlook every aspect of your home sale from account review meetings to looking at strategy and planning.

Reporting to Bobby are Account Managers, who in turn are in charge of a team made up of highly trained negotiators, copywriters, photographers, viewing clerks etc.

That means we have three to four team members working with each of our home sellers; each of them up to date with what’s happening and the actions that need to be taken. Consequently, if anyone goes on holiday, is sick or leaves, nothing is missed, everything carries on as normal and we continue to give great service to our clients.

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Meet the team that will get your asking price within 21 days
By David Price