guaranteed sale

Guaranteed Sale


We guarantee you ‘your required price’ by only bringing highly sought after realistically priced properties to the open market. This does mean that most properties are sold over the required price. Our results show that when compared to the others we are 70 days better than the standard traditional route without compromising on your desired price.

Our Trusted Network

Our brand partnerships, international reach and exposure allows us to tap into a far greater pool of pre-qualified buyers, which means there’s less chance of a sale falling through due to unforeseen factors, such as the buyer being unable to secure a mortgage or the chain breaking. We have a less than 5% fall through rate v’s 40% industry average.

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No Fees

There are absolutely no charges to pay if we don’t sell your property within 30 days of marketing – we even cover your legal costs. Which means the amount you agree to sell your property for, is exactly the amount you’ll receive upon completion. We are the only multi-award winning group offering this service because we know that our approach works transparently and effectively.

guaranteed sale

Hassle Free

We appreciate that there are many ways to sell a property. But you will see from reading our reviews online, speaking to our teams, that our approach is one of the highest rated in the industry. We are revolutionising the way property moves and making it less hassle for our clients. We use the latest technology, deliver on our promises and take care of the small stuff including weekend viewings and negotiations.

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Our contracts are just 30 days. If you are serious about selling then we would love to hear from you. On average we are selling properties within 28 days. We are confident that you will love our approach which is why there’s so much flexibility with®. Book your free consultation home visit today.

  • You get a quicker sale at a price you’re happy with.
  • Our network of pre-qualified buyers means there’s less chance of the sale falling through.
  • We charge no fees if it runs over 30 days of marketing and we cover your legal costs.
  • We also advertise your property in more places than the standard route to market ensure it reaches the widest possible audience.

You could argue that your property might sell for more through a traditional or other online estate agent, and that’s possible of course. However, when you balance up all the additional costs associated and time to market, the typical price discounts applied once you are on the market, in most cases, you’d be better off coming to us first.

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Guaranteed Sale
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