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Expert property viewing advice for buyers and sellers


In this blog, Love Your Postcode offer insight and advice for property buyers and sellers; featuring mobile phones, smelly pets and annoying sellers.

Advice for property buyers

If you’re serious about buying, pay attention during your viewings and don’t spend all your time texting or on the phone. Buying a property is a massive decision so try to keep your phone off for the duration of your viewings.

Keep the key basic questions in mind at the viewing:

  • Is there damp?
  • How much storage space is there?
  • What is the area like?
  • Is there enough living space?
  • Is the building structurally sound?

Rather than disappearing after a viewing without giving some feedback, let the vendor/agent know a few brief thoughts on your opinion of the property. If you liked the property, this could give your offer a slight edge later down the line. If you weren’t sure about it, or even disliked the property, telling one of our agents your feedback could result in us getting you booked in for a viewing on a property that better suits your requirements.

Advice for property sellers

First impressions are made within the first few seconds of a property viewing and can be hard to shake. Adequately prepare for the viewing by clearing away clutter and doing a light clean to make sure no dust or dirt is going to distract from your property.

Give your viewers a bit of space while they view your property – Vendors who follow people around giving a running commentary will likely detract rather than enhance the potential buyer’s viewing. Leave the talking to the experts, our agents will know your property and its area back to front. Your property expert will have conducted viewings hundreds of times before and will be able to judge when to give a viewer space or advise them.

Our estate agents will help you at every stage of the sale process.

If you have one or more animals, bear in mind that viewers might not share your love for pets. Where possible, try to remove all evidence of pets living in the property. Taking your dog for a walk while your Love Your Postcode agent conducts the viewings will give your property the best chance of selling for the highest price.

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Expert property viewing advice for buyers and sellers
By David Price