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Sell with Love Your Postcode this Fall (Part 1)


Selling your property has a negative stigma for being stressful and time consuming. Why are we so confident your experience with us will be so positive?

   When talking to clients about selling their house, they can often be apprehensive and worried about a process often seen as being a tedious pain where the estate agent is trying to drag the sale out to suit their own needs instead of doing what is best for the client.

   Here at LoveYourPostcode we pride outselves in providing a service that breaks the stigma of selling your house and our reviews definitely agree with this approach. So what makes selling property with LoveYourPostcode so easy? This blog I’m going to talk through a couple of the things we do:

   Firstly, we want to make sure the process is completely safe for you. Before booking a viewing of your house, we ask the prospective buyer a wide range of questions from what their sort of other houses they are looking at, to if they have a mortgage in principal. We see this process as incredibly important to booking a viewing. We know the last thing you want is random strangers wandering around your home who don’t have a realistic intention to buy you property. We also don’t want situations where a viewing is booked for a property that is unsuitable for the buyer, and so wasting their time, our time and your time as the seller. The last thing you want to hear after spending the time to especially clean your house for the viewing is that this person wasn’t suitable for the property anyway.

   Secondly, we are one of the fastest in Birmingham, if not the fastest, at getting properties live and up on the market. I had a client ask me last week if her property would take a couple of weeks to be up on our website, however, I told her with confidence that it would be live the next day. This was even a particularly busy week for us with 5 properties due to go live that following day, but we still got the client’s and all the other properties live that day, perfectly in time for all the views over the bank holiday weekend.

With winter coming, this fall is the perfect time to get your property on the market with us.

My name is David.  I am a photographer/designer/estate agent with Love Your Postcode.  We are here to help you achieve the best possible price for your home.

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Sell with Love Your Postcode this Fall (Part 1)
By David Price