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Importance of estate agency in the modern world

Estate agency is a fast moving industry that has evolved over the years and will continue to do so. It is drastically different now than twenty years ago, and with the current climate and ongoing uncertainty in the world, never has an estate agent been more important when selling or buying a property.

Here we speak with two agents from across our network, Guy Vaughan of Birmingham, and Sukhi Chall of Sandwell, for their view on the importance of estate agency in the modern world.

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Offers Over: How much should you need to offer?

Offers Over

You don’t know how much to bit for a property and ask yourself this question: “Offers Over: how much should I need to offer? This article will help you find the answer to this question. Read on.

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What is rent guarantee insurance?

What is rent guarantee insurance

Are you a landlord, you make good rents, but if one day your tenants stop paying their monthly rent? That’s a big problem for you. You probably heard about insurance and you asked yourself “What is rent guarantee insurance?” In this article, we will answer this question.

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Who is Bobby Singh?

Who is Bobby Singh

With all the political Brexit uncertainty currently in the UK – it’s refreshing to know Birmingham is enjoying a thriving property market, the upcoming HS2 high-speed railway and HSBC UK’s new head office in the region which opened last year just reinforces the strategic position- and championing that very message is local businessman Bobby Singh.

The Midland’s most prominent out of home digital screens and those with the heaviest footfall including International Convention Centre, Bull Ring, Arena Birmingham, Symphony Hall and the National Exhibition Centre display the picture of Bobby Singh the former chartered accountant who is celebrating a decade of running Love Your Postcode property group, a highly innovative and successful brand which has consistently seen double-digit growth year on year.

Bobby Singh’s brand image is powerful the “Sikh Business Man” award of the year recipient – graces the much sought after premium advertising spaces and personifies the success of his group with a personal iconic image which shows him twisting his raised moustache is nothing short of extremely dynamic and clever successful brand strategic marketing which has seen Love Your Postcode group –partnering for the second year running with Grand designs Live, channel 4’s successful home renovating lifestyle event which takes place at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre and makes the only British estate agent to engage as official partner and sponsor in the shows 20 year event history.

Love Your Postcode is constantly evolving and is revolutionising the estate agency spectrum harnessing new technology and innovative creative social media marketing a testament to Bobby Singh’s contagious personality, the impressive thirty thousand LinkedIn connections and over fifteen thousand Facebook followers just demonstrate the dynamism of this young brand and Bobby Singh is firmly at the helm making sure his business model is simple, selective and effective- operating a waiting list subscription and matching client needs all within a 28 day service level agreement to sell their property.

Bobby Singh is a devout Sikh – his family and deep rooted values are major driving forces for the successful businessman a regular key note speaker at major events and a regular contributor to TV, radio and print media platforms, sharing his expertise and views on the ever changing property market- there is no denying Bobby Singh is the most recognised personal property brand in the country and the success is built on the deep rooted values of the Sikh faith and the importance of charity and helping the needy in society – virtues and values that are inherent within the Sikh faith.

Bobby Singh loveyourpostcode owner

Bobby Singh

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Estate agents funny jokes

estate agents jokes

Even property specialists know a few jokes about estate agents. The use of humour can get you far in business, research has shown that one of the best ways to improve your customer relationships is to get them to laugh. So here are some of our favorite estate agent jokes.

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