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Amanda Lamb’s thrifty tips to update your home on a budget

Want to give your house a new look but can’t afford to? Amanda Lamb shares her budget-friendly for transforming your home.

Spring is in the air and with it comes the nation’s obsession with giving their home a mini makeover.

With 40% of Brits taking advice or getting inspiration from home and property makeover TV shows, there are ideas aplenty for the discerning home owner to freshen up their pad.

But when your budget – or lack of it – is a problem, many of us feel there’s little we can do to spruce up our abode.

Leave it to TV presenter Amanda Lamb, who has partnered with Air Wick to launch the new Life Scents home fragrance range, to inspire you with some cheap and cheerful ways to update your home and help your personality shine through.

Dress to impress

• Say it with flowers – place vintage tea cups or glass votives with fresh sprigs of mint, or fill various sized vases with individual stems.
• Change the knobs on drawers, doors, cabinets and cupboards. They come in an abundance of shapes, sizes, designs and colours.
• Instead of painting the walls of an entire room or area, re-paint just one or two to create accent walls, or use wallpaper to make a feature wall.
• Make your mark with fragrance – refresh your scent by choosing a multi-layered home fragrance that retains its strength and lasts longer.
• Buy new cushions in various sizes, patterns and complementary colours and scatter them on sofas and beds to make your space look and feel cosier. You can also just get new cushion covers to make a further cost saving.
• A new rug also works wonders in making an instant home improvement.
• Your kerb is king, so the house exterior should look as good as your interior. Clear up any outside dirt or debris, buy a plaque with your door number and place flowerpots and plants near to your front door, or use hanging baskets to make your home welcoming even before you enter it.


Be ruthless with your de-cluttering and tackle one room at a time, setting a target to attempt a different room each week so that it becomes less daunting. If you get really stuck, recruit a friend or someone in your family to give you a helping hand.

Buy four big boxes and clearly mark each one as follows: for recycling/charity, to throw away, to keep and one small box for sentimental purposes such as old letters and memorabilia (which should be stored away – ideally in the loft, or shed).

Freshen up with scent

First of all, get your windows open and give your rooms a good dose of fresh air!

Next create different fragrance zones in the home and start to experiment with the use of different scents in different spaces. It will help to create a clearer distinction when you leave one space and enter another.

Scent is extremely important to us Brits, with 50% saying they make a mental note of whether someone’s home smells nice – or not.

How do you spruce up your home? Share your tips in the Comments box below.


Amanda Lamb’s thrifty tips to update your home on a budget
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