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24 things to change to help sell your property

A house on up for sale through Love Your Postcode

You’ve finally made the heart-wrenching decision to sell your house and have listed it on the market, to then be faced with a detrimental problem; it’s not selling.

But why? Here’s 24 tips on what to change to help sell, so you can move on to your next home adventure!

  1. Asking Price
  2. If you’re home has been valuated incorrectly or you’ve simply overpriced, buyers will be deterred from requesting viewings.

  3. Photography
  4. The images taken of your home for the listing should show a magnificent front-doored beauty – if they don’t, do it again.

  5. Lighting
  6. A lack of lighting can cause a home to seem dull and a little uninviting.

  7. Negotiation
  8. Inexperienced or ill-equipped negotiators can easily scare off buyers if they see no room for negotiation on your end.

  9. Kerb Appeal
  10. Your kerb is the first point the buyer will see. If it’s below expectations it can affect the buyer’s opinion going into the rest of the house.

  11. Neighbours
  12. While you have no control over your neighbour’s, loud noise emanating from neighbouring properties can be very off-putting for a buyer. Maybe schedule viewings when you know neighbours aren’t around or, if you have lovely neighbours, why not encourage them to pop round? This will ease potential buyer’s minds.

  13. Moving
  14. If you’ve made clear that you’ll be unable to leave the property for several months, do not expect much interest for several months.

  15. YOU
  16. During house viewings and all other interactions with the buyer, it’s your job to remain enthusiastic and upbeat. No one wants to deal with a negative Nancy (!)

  17. Too Personal
  18. A staged home that is chocked full of personal ornaments, photographs etc doesn’t do too well. Buyer’s want to be able to see this property as their own, not yours.

  19. Schooling
  20. For buyers with children they’ll expect decent primary and secondary schools to be nearby so if there are good one, make sure you’re shouting about it in your listing.

  21. Pets
  22. Your critters may be the cutest things in the world, but the remnants they leave behind aren’t. The smell and hair left by pets can detract from a house.

  23. House Viewings
  24. This is a glorified bragging session, where you’re able to show off the best bits of your home! If they’re not amazed, you’re doing something wrong.

  25. Clutter
  26. De-cluttering should be the go-to home improvement for any property looking to sell. Tidiness can drastically change its appeal and help people visualise how the space would work for them.

  27. Availability
  28. If you cannot make time for buyers, they will lose interest quickly. Respond to all enquiries and if you can’t make a date, schedule another.

  29. Smoking
  30. Evidence of smoking to a non-smoking buyer is enough to turn them away. Try and remove the odours caused by cigarettes.

  31. Advertising
  32. Yes, it’s your estate agents job to advertise your property but this does not mean you shouldn’t! Post your home everywhere and anywhere potential buyers may see it. It’s time to get social media-savvy!

  33. Timing
  34. Seasonally there are good and bad times to sell a property – the summer being better than the winter – so ensure you’ve chosen the correct period.

  35. Location
  36. The crime rate and other factors in your area could deter buyers. While this is impossible to ignore, try appeasing them with all of the positives of your community life.

  37. Cleanliness
  38. An obvious but strangely overlooked point – clean your home! Every nook and cranny should be spotless.

  39. Modernity
  40. We live in an age where smart devices are a dime a dozen, so if your home is still using old appliances, the millennials will not be interested.

  41. Honesty
  42. Honesty is the best policy. Intentionally leaving out faults within your home, that are then discovered is not only dishonest but illegal.

  43. First Impressions
  44. A serious buyer will probably visit your home several times during the selling process. However, their first has to be magical to keep them coming back.

  45. Space
  46. Space is the untold saviour in property. A spacious home is a savvy home. Removing clutter and excess furniture can make a home much more welcoming.

  47. Estate Agent
  48. Finding the right estate agent is a tricky task. A substandard estate agent can really hinder your sale if they’re not doing their job i.e marketing, advertising and outreach.

These are just some small changes you can make to your home to help drive interest in your propert – give them a go and you’ll have the sold sign up in no time!


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24 things to change to help sell your property
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